martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Well...... again, i´m not a great blogger, i wish i had more time, perhaps i can get more time if i wake up earlier and finish my basic things pronto.

The Fibromyalgia is doing ok, she is taking some vacations for now, but she does call me once in a awhile during the day to remind me that she will come back one of these days, she misses me.

So, i recovered from a horrible Sinus infection, this means i had to stay in bed for quite some time, for about two weeks, i´m feeling better and the funny thing is, i took a well long deserved rest and i feel somewhat better in general. I feel awake, happy and i´m finding more time to draw, i miss drawing a lot. Eric gave me A Game of Thrones, i´ve been reading it sloooooowly but i am absolutely absorbing every word and of course i started sketching my own idea of things and characters, the first sketch, turned in a nice drawing in a couple of days, and here it is, sorry if i spoil anything so if you do not want to see it or read part of the Prologue, then go go shoooooo shoooo!!

Royce’s body lay facedown in the snow, one arm outflung. The thick sable cloak had been slashed in a dozen places. Lying dead like that, you saw how young he was. A boy.

He found what was left of the sword a few feet away, the end splintered and twisted like a tree struck by lightning. Will knelt, looked around warily, and snatched it up. The broken sword would be his proof. Gared would know what to make of it, and if not him, then surely that old bear Mormont or Maester Aemon. Would Gared still be waiting with the horses? He had to hurry.

Will rose. Ser Waymar Royce stood over him.

His fine clothes were a tatter, his face a ruin. A shard from his sword transfixed the blind white pupil of his left eye.

The right eye was open. The pupil burned blue. It saw.

The broken sword fell from nerveless fingers. Will closed his eyes to pray. Long, elegant hands brushed his cheek, then tightened around his throat. They were gloved in the finest moleskin and sticky with blood, yet the touch was icy cold.

A Game of Thrones Prologue.

jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

New Art, being away, Alan Parsons Live Project!

Well, what can i say, i got away from Facebook for a while, it feels nice to enjoy life without nailing my ass to the chair and waste hours laughing with the silly things people post daily... I escaped from the Facebook claws and i must say, it´s a bit lonely out here without all the things a few friends and family members post on their walls like music videos, their photos, their new born babies doing baby faces duh, of course they are lovely, i miss looking through Scott´s photos, the ones he takes while driving across the country..., but i wanted to be able to have fun and enjoy health has been a mess the past two months, wont get into details but dealing with fibromyalgia ( that´s how the doctor call it ) is not easy. High blood pressure, hot flashes and other things are no fun at all. This will take time but in the meantime i want to exercise more, keep on with my strict low carb diet and see what happens next month when i go get a full blood test...again.

It´s hard to engage in new artistic projects when you do not feel well, but still i managed to start a few sketches and i´m working on a nice dragon. Getting hooked up with Dragonlance as usual....i really love those characters.

Toys toys and more toys....Eric and I have become obsessed with getting all the new He-Man action figures. Waiting for the second season of Game of Thrones, actually we are kinda desperate for it to start on HBO!!! i´m biting my nails!

Hmmmmm, ah yes, we saw The Alan Parsons Live Project on the 25th, and it blew me nice to feel those long lost emotions once more...i really like their music, it has a special meaning concerning my childhood, my mom and dad...happier days....or at least being that naive to think things were absolutely amazing, being a kid, enjoy the sky, clouds, wind, the trees, spend time playing outside, traveling and watching mom grin with excitement as she prepared to go hang gliding. Wow, such memories. Laying down in the grass looking up at my hand being outlined by the sunlight, thinking how it would feel to finally grow up. Being in love with summer, the mountains, the roads, running and jumping without any effort, or so it seemed when i was little. To feel weightless, free and to care about nothing else than being happy. Alan Parsons reminds me of all of this....their music can be perceived as a very pale foggy golden light embracing all, a mixture of summer warmth and cold breeze making my hair ripple and entangle, floating in the wind, making my eyes wink as some lonely tear run down my cheek because the brightness of the sky and the wind brushing my face is just too overwhelming....reminds me of an 8 year old me, all dressed in bright red, long golden hair dreaming about flying up there someday just like mom and their friends did back then.

Anyway, when i learned that Eric Woolfson died in 2009 my heart shrink. I started listening to songs like Eye in the Sky, Don´t answer me, The Eagle will rise again, Time, Old and Wise, Limelight.....well i started crying hahaha thinking wow! this guy is no longer here, but his voice is still here, i can listen to it. I love his voice and those songs, my favorite Alan Parsons´Songs are of Eric Woolfson. Hope he went flying just like i thought i would one day.

I took some photos of the gig! Look look!

Mom and my brother Axl waiting.

This was Luna´s first gig!

Oh my God!!

Wow, P.J Olsson is such a great addition to the band!

Mom was and is still so happy! I´m also happy for her, i know she waited for more than 20 years for this to happen. I know what she felt and what she was thinking of.

I even cried thinking about her in front of me, listening to her favorite songs being played right there, thinking about those hang gliding days and maybe, some other things too. Thank you Universe for letting me be aware of other people´s feelings and dreams and not only mine.

Tee heee

Anyway, it was awesome to say the least, and i will post a few scans of some new sketches i have over here in a while, first i want to go have lunch, i´m fucking starving right now....

Hmmm ah yes, my voice was recorded for an album, will be ready soon!
And i feel bad but since i could not afford buying the album at least not for now, i could not stand it any longer and downloaded...yes, i miserably downloaded Faun´s Eden album just so i can finally listen to the songs...i mean, they already have a new singer!! and i still didn´t listen to the last album....COME ON! sorry, i feel bad, but as soon as i can i will buy the album!

Have you ever listen to Faun? you are reading this and do not know who they are?

Here, please:

Ok ok, here, something i have been working on, slowly.